Akhism (Ahilik) is an important commercial and social institution that takes its essence from the Turkish-Islamic culture. This institution has contributed to the economy and production for centuries, and thanks to its internal dynamism, it has been instrumental in raising the profession experts and enabling the continuation of the country's economy. The Akhi (Ahi) organization, founded by Ahi Evran, has acquired an important place in Anatolia during Seljuk and Ottoman times. In order to re-read and understand this organization which has important services in the moral and commercial history of our culture, some activities have been made in our country and many academic and original activities have been done about the Akhism. In this context, the " International Symposium on Work and Trade Ethics in Akhism" will be organized by Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Theology on 27-28 September 2018. In this symposium, which will be prepared with the support of the Ministry of Customs and Trade and Cumhuriyet University, the accommodation and food and beverage expenses of the participants shall be met by our institution, and the participation fee will not be demanded. Important Dates Deadline of the Abstract Submission : 6th of July 2018 Notification of Acceptance : 13th of July 2018 Deadline for Submitting Full Texts : 7th of September 2018 Themes Basic Principles of Business and Trade Ethics In Akhism Qur'anic References of the Ethics of Business and Commerce in Akhism. Prophetic References of the ethics of business and commerce in Akhism. Professional Formation in Akhism Reflections of Akhism on Our Culture and civilization. Master-Apprentice and employee-employer relations in Akhism The reflections of Akhism Culture today. Work ethic in Ahi Evran's works